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5 SEO Mistakes Which Most of Blogger Ignores | You Should Know Them

by Koustubh Verma

Hello friends, welcome to Tech Khulasha! So today we will talk about those 5 SEO Mistakes Which Most of Blogger Ignores.

And in the end, he sits holding his head that the website is not ranking even after sharing articles daily on the brother’s blog.

So friends, first of all, take this thing out of your mind that by sharing articles daily, your blog will rank.

Because there are thousands of bloggers on the internet who believe in the same thing and are engaged day and night, yet there is no traffic or no rank on their blog, so why does this happen?

And what should we do in such a condition, we will share the article on some other day, then just know that if you are sharing 10 articles in a day without SEO and making an article SEO free by spending 10 days. If you share then 101% of your SEO FREE article will be ranked on Google.

5 SEO Mistakes Which Most of Blogger Ignores | Your Blog Will Never Rank Because of 5 SEO Mistakes

Friends, in today’s post, we will talk about 5 such SEO mistakes that every beginner must do on your blog and sometimes this mistake happens even with experienced bloggers.

So if you come in 2019 and repeat these 5 mistakes on your blog, then definitely the rank of your blog will never improve.

Along with that, if there is any ranking of your blog, that too will go out for a few days, that’s why if you have to run your blog far in this blogging race, then brother never do the 5 mistakes given below on your blog.

1) Broken Page With Back-link

Friends, many bloggers make mistakes, we tell you this as if you have a webpage on which 10 back link points are being pointed from somewhere.

So and in such a situation, you delete those webpages, but the Anchor Text that is still there, mentions the URL of your deleted page.

So in such a situation, a bot of Google comes and if it goes to your link which you have deleted.

But if there is no webpage available on that link, then the experience of the bot is bad and friends, the crawler of Google will feel that your site is wasting the user’s resources and time because related to that topic. has no content.

So friends, if there is a Broken Link somewhere in your blog which is creating 404 Name error, then fix it as soon as possible otherwise your blog will never rank on Google.

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2) Many Poor Quality Pages

Friends, you do According to Off page – On Page SEO, so you feel that everything is going well, but what happens sometimes?

The content of your page is of very poor quality, that is, there is no power in it, so in such a situation, you can get the message of “this content with little or no value” from Google Webmaster.

So why does this message come? Look friends, according to Google Policy, there is no Quality Content on your webpage in which the user is not interested in reading.

So you can get to see this message from Google, except if you are trying to boost the webpage by using duplicate content, or copy-past, automatic content generator in your post, then google you Can send a message of “this content with little or no value”

Friends, if in-future you get mail of no value from Google, then to fix it, simply you have to modify those posts again.

In which there is no value or you have generated it from somewhere for free and after all the work is done, go to Google Webmaster and click on Request Review, your request will be accepted within 24 hours.

After which you must have followed all the steps according to google policy, then your page will start being indexed in google again.

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3) Duplicate Content Issue

Friends, many bloggers or content writers ignore this thing and copy some content from somewhere, but friends, you should know that Google crawl is 10 times smarter than us, which we cannot misunderstand in any way.

A lot of bloggers do Article Spinning or Keyword Stuffing, but friends, if you want to do long time blogging, then stay away from all this because it is called black hat SEO which Google does not like at all and such website or blog is more than google. gets penalized from

4) Targeted Research Keyword

Friends, many beginners, you are not able to choose the Targeted Keyword for the blog correctly, that means they forget at which stage we are now i.e. if we are a beginner.

That is, we have recently created a blog, then we have to adopt other types of keyword targeting strategies, if suppose our blog has been 5 to 6 months.

Where do we have SEO? If you have come to know how to create BackLink, then you can select Keyword for your Experience According Blog.

As your Domain Authority is less than 30 then you should have target key phrases With Monthly Searches 100 and it should have 5 word keywords.

And in the same way if your Domain Authority is less than 50 then target key phrases With Monthly Searches should be 1000 which should have 4 word keywords.

And As etc Same if your Domain Authority is less than 70 then you have to work on Fewer than 3000 Monthly Search Keyword which will have 3 main words

Note: Friends, if you create a new blog and have targeted a keyword with high competition, on which many people are already doing SEO and they have created many back-links on that keyword, then brother you have to Years will pass by ranking the blog! Then any one post out of 100 will be indexed in Google’s Top 10. That is why before starting a new blog, target the Unique Keyword and work on it so that you do not get strong competition going forward.

5) SEO Friendly URL

Friends, many beginners, you would have been behind the article to do the best SEO, but somewhere they ignore the URL of the page, which we also call Permalink and without URL Friendly SEO will never be complete without your post!

Because of which your article coming inside the top 5 will start showing on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google, that’s why never ignore the permalink! Modify it and use your targeted keyword in the URL

Friends, we have shared Screen Short of Good URL and Bad URL below, by seeing which you can get an idea that how you have to make URL SEO Friendly in your blog.

Hopefully friends, you must have come to know about the 5 SEO Mistakes Which Most of Blogger Ignores, then you should not do such a mistake on your blog and share our blog with your friends and first of all subscribe to the blog because we are doing Computer Technology related Latest Post every day. keep sharing here.

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