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Best Apps to Avoid Excessive Use Of Smartphones | Use These Apps to Avoid Excessive Use of Smartphones

by Koustubh Verma

There might be a variety of factors contributing to the rise in smartphone addiction. In this Post You Will See Some Best Apps to Avoid Excessive Use Of Smartphones. It may include the simple availability of a variety of helpful applications, social networking apps, gaming apps, improved camera and video features, a convenient source of connectivity, and a variety of other features and benefits.

In fact, individuals are more reliant on their digital lives than they are on staying in touch with their friends and family in person. This growing smartphone addiction is causing a variety of negative side effects, including the spending of important time on needless applications, social isolation, health problems, and a host of other concerns.

To cope with the problem, we recommend that you utilize smart applications that will assist you in overcoming your smartphone addiction. These applications keep track of your phone usage and might assist you in cutting back on unneeded usage.

Best Apps to Avoid Excessive Use Of Smartphones : Use These Apps to Avoid Excessive Use of Smartphones

Social Fever

Social Fever is a cutting-edge app that can assist you in overcoming your smartphone addiction. This clever application has been thoroughly built and has some fantastic features that allow you to keep track of your smartphone usage and assist you in reducing it.

It provides a lot of important tools in this area, including the ability to establish consumption goals, minimize app usage, and select interests. Furthermore, it displays use history to assist you in planning your future usage and provides you notifications when you use any app or your smartphone excessively.

This clever gadget is not only good for keeping track of your smartphone usage, but it is also beneficial for maintaining your overall health. Other capabilities include the ability to view statistics such as total time spent using the smartphone, device usage warnings, app usage alerts, the number of screens unlocked, and so on. This clever technology assists you in re-establishing contact with the actual world.

App Usage

App Usage is a tool for successfully monitoring and managing app and smartphone usage. This handy application comes with a slew of useful features that will assist you in reducing your digital footprint. It provides statistics on average and total app usage in this section, allowing you to minimize or manage app usage more efficiently.

You may also get some vital information about how many times you have checked your cellphone by using this application, as well as examine your device’s activity history. Furthermore, you may create alarms to prevent abuse of your smartphone, allowing you to save some crucial time in the process.

Other advantages include displaying the most often used apps as well as the least frequently used apps to assist you in effectively managing them. You can also discover an app installation reminder, a root uninstaller, the ability to add personal comments, the ability to batch clean app cache or data, and other useful features.

Quality Time

In addition to providing an entertaining and user-friendly design, Quality Time also assists you in tracking and organizing your app and phone usage. It provides real-time information to assist in improved device administration. Also included is an in-depth study of app and device usage, which includes overall usage, total screen unlocks, individual app usage, and other metrics like as battery life. You can even check the daily and weekly summary for a more in-depth look at the data.

You may also use this feature to create alarms to prevent you from using your smartphone for lengthy periods of time at a time. You may better control your smartphone usage by using its daily usage report, which will allow you to save important time. Other capabilities include the ability to measure app-specific usage, share the most popular app features, personalize and exclude tracking by apps, and many more.

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If you’re seeking for specific statistics regarding how you use your mobile phone, YourHour is a fantastic software to utilize. The software maintains track of your “Usage Time” and “Unlock Count.”

It also provides a comparison graphical view of your activities today and over the previous seven days. Another feature is the floating “Clock Timer,” which shows on all of your apps so that you can see for yourself how quickly the time is passing.

If you see that you are spending much too much time on a certain app, you can simply set a time restriction for that particular app. You can also activate a widget on the home screen that allows you to see the amount of time spent using the device and the number of times it has been unlocked.

Detox Procrastination Blocker

It is possible to digitally detox your mind and body with the aid of Detox Procrastination Blocker, which is a strong tool. This straightforward yet effective programme provides a plethora of useful features to assist you in reducing and managing your smartphone usage.

You may use this tool to establish a timeout for app users in order to prevent them from overusing the device. The timer will automatically lock your device once it has been set, allowing you to free up more time for your personal and social life. You may set a timer for up to 11 hours using this feature. Other capabilities include the ability to view the history of timer usage and the ability to delete unused applications.

Time Creator

In addition to Tracking Your Mobile Usage, Time Creator is another software that records your mobile usage. You will receive a variety of data and graphs. You can check how much time you spent on each application as well as how many times you picked up your phone. You can also set up notifications for each app, which will remind you to limit the amount of time you spend on that particular app.


OFFTIME simplifies your life by providing a slew of valuable functions that are delivered automatically. It enables you to virtually disconnect your smartphone, allowing you to devote your attention to other essential things in life.

You can make good use of some of its valuable features, such as the ability to limit phone usage, track applications and phone usage, auto-replies, reminders, and alarms, in order to effectively manage your phone usage.

Other capabilities include the creation of missing phone activity lists, the unblocking of VIP or other key contacts limitation to applications and the Internet, and the removal of other restrictions.

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