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Best Bluetooth Ear buds for Phone Calls

by Koustubh Verma

Most people get confused while selecting the Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Phone Calls and various purposes. So, we have compared the few best Bluetooth earbuds among the other trendy, truly wireless earbuds with the phone call quality. From the famous brands and we have also reached to make perfect one Bluetooth for you.

It is going to be a trial by elimination competition, this means that we’re going to pit two earbuds at a time against each other, and the winner gets to progress to the next round elementary right, so who are our contestants

Best Bluetooth EarBuds for Phone Calls

  1. Jabra Elite Active Site 5T
  2. Samsung Galaxy Plus
  3. Apple Air-Pods Pro
  4. Samsung Galaxy Pro
  5. Bose QC Earbuds
  6. Sony WF-1000XM3

Jabra Elite Active 75T V/S The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

In the round of best earbuds among the rest, we will compare which one is better. So Jabra elite is, however little costly than Samsung galaxy if we reach on the price basis. If we compare the audio quality of both earbuds, we would see Jabra elite provides passive noise cancellation( PNC), sound noise reduction on outgoing calls. At the same time, Samsung offers better six mics for reduction compared to 4 mics of Jabra elite.


Both Jabra elite active 75t and Samsung galaxy buds plus offer excellent wind-noise protection. However, the speaker bandwidth of both devices has an almost similar quality of calls, and music playback experience and battery life goes identical up to 24 hours and slightly Samsung has more due to 85 mAH.

The connectivity of both devices does have the same version of Bluetooth 5.0 with an operating range of 10 meters.

So these two earbuds show decent competition between them, but in the audio experience of both earbuds, the Jabra’s did very well; its vocals sound a bit more bloated than on the Samsung galaxy buds plus. and the galaxy bus plus seemed to do better in terms of background noise cancellation, so this round goes to the Samsung galaxy buds plus so the galaxy bus plus progresses to the next round

The Apple Air-Pods Pro V/S The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Moving on to the next round of comparison, we have apple AirPods pro against the Samsung galaxy buds pro. The apple AirPods pro has many sensors and audio specifications like active noise calculation with decent transparency mode, adaptive equalizer, vent system for pressure equalizer, and many more. However, it has offered low battery life with only 6 hours of playback time, and with the magsafe case, it increases to 24 hours. It provides more insufficient battery backup compared to Samsung Galaxy, but it has a better listening experience.


The galaxy buzz pro’s background noise cancellation was just about as good as the AirPods pro. Still, the AirPods pro fared quite a bit better in terms of the clarity and sharpness invoice. It means that if you’re going to have a phone call with somebody. You’re using the AirPods pro; you’re going to sound a lot clearer on the phone in a noisy place than if you were using the galaxy but pro, so the AirPods pro takes this round and progresses the next round.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds V/S The Sony WF 1000 XM3

Moving on to another round of best earbuds for phone calls and music, we have Bose QuietComfort earbuds against the most popular sony wf 1000 XM3. Getting into details technical specifications, bo9th earbuds has extraordinary noise cancellation; however, bose QuietComfort earbuds have very cool background noise cancellations.

Both offer extraordinary audio quality and sensors. But the bose has more sensors with specifications compared to the sony wf 1000 XM3. Still, sony wf 1000 xm3 one-sidedly win over the bose in term of battery backup with playback of 24 hours while on the other side the bose QuietComfort earbuds offers only 6 hours.


Sony’s gave voice a bit more boldly, and a bit more bass, but the bose is better in terms of background noise cancellation and how it renders my voice more straightforwardly, so our vote for the round goes to the bose QC earbuds.

Air-Pods Pro Earbuds V/S The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds V/S Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Earbuds

So who do we have left? We have the galaxy buds plus, the AirPods pro, and the bose QC earbuds first; we’re going to pit the galaxy buds plus against the apple AirPods pro.

Although the galaxy buds plus and the AirPods pro were both quite similar in terms of the level of background noise cancellation, the AirPods pro seems to produce a more transparent and sharper rendition of voice, so in my opinion, this round goes to the AirPods pro will now face the bose QuietComfort earbuds for the top spot.

It sounds way more natural on the AirPods pro than the bose, but the bose shines with its background noise cancellation background noise was almost eliminated to a whisper. That’s how quiet it was now.

I very tempted to call this a draw, but since we have to pick a winner,

we have to give this one to the bose because this type of background noise cancellation while retaining the integrity of the voice is extremely hard to do with most other earbuds.

If they had to cancel as much background noise as the bose would make the voice sound very robotic choppy. You know all the wrong things, right? But the bose not only managed to cancel so much background noise but keep the voice saying clear and sharp.

So our vote for the final round goes to the bose because of how impressed with this background noise canceling the thing about the bose.

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Though it is pretty expensive, it is the most costly earbuds out of the bunch. It is 298 us dollars. I think, and if we were to compare both sound quality to the rest, it falls behind on several fronts now; we are not saying the bose sounds terrible, only that there are so many areas in which we hope the pose can communicate a bit better but if you’re just talking about phone call quality the bose is the king of the pack for now.

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