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How to Create Professional Images For Free Using Canva?

by Koustubh Verma
How to Create Professional Images For Free Using Canva?


Let say you want to put some images in your blog post on your WordPress; how would you do that? Well, you can use Canva for this purpose.

In the early years, it was just normal to use text content to use in your blog post as there were not many tools to express your thoughts and creativity on the screen directly. Still, your blog needs some visual images and creative fonts to outstand your blog from others and show how clever you are. For instance, articles with 75 – 100 words got shared more often than articles with fewer images. But how are you getting to do that? Not everyone is a designer.

So how are you going to create beautiful blog images when you don’t know about any professional tools.
Well, this is the time when you use Canva. It is a cloud-based design tool that makes designs accessible to pretty much anyone. With Canva, you can create blog images for your WordPress in minutes. Even if you don’t know how to design, that is, you don’t need to fear another time–consuming task to make your blog beautiful.

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You need to sign up for an account at Canva, don’t worry, it is free of cost.
Open your browser and go to www.Canva.com. On the homepage of Canva, click on the signup button at the top corner. It will use your email address, Gmail account, and Facebook account. Once you signed up and logged into your account, you can start creating your blog images as you like.


STEP 1 -: choose the correct dimensions of your design.

Canvas includes presets of various images and various blog post images, but that is not what we need here. Instead, you should click on the more button and screw down the Facebook add option. We choose the Facebook to add option because your blog will look beautiful both on the blog and when you share your blog anywhere on social media.

STEP 2 -: choose a background.

It’s entirely your choice whether you want to choose your background as an image or color. It’s upon your imagination and thinking what color or images best suits your blog needs, enhancing your creativity in front, for help. You can choose Canva’s color combination tool. You can pick a color picker tool in the toolbar at the editor’s top to select a color.
Background photos

Choose your preset style. Canva already includes many gorgeous presets made by professional designers. So choose one of the preset images, or you can also upload your own. Then drag the image you select onto the grid: and it will fit on the screen. Canvas also has the features to add filters to change the brightness, clarity of your photo.
You can also add background or feature design to your blog.

As you can think, a background image directly focuses on your content’s message that you want to show to the world. If there is a lot of activity in the background, your text part will not gain much attention as text and illustration play a vital role in the blog. It’s essential to keep in mind; you should always choose the texture part over your structure image section.

As Canvas comes with many options, you can also crop a part of the image you want, which you think suits best when you write any texture on the cropped part; this way, you can also remove the space of the image more unstable or create much noise. Using grid part one can make their pictures more beautiful and makes your idea more tangible.


If you choose a preset layout, you will find some placeholder text which you can edit by clicking on the text and typing what suits best according to you.
One thing for sure you need to consider is to balance your elements. Balance and composition of the component is essential because your image should not look full of content and noisy.
One should check if the ingredients are centered or not too close to the border of your page layout.

Always use the “KEEP IT SIMPLE” algorithm when creating a blog. No one wants to read full of the text part only as it affects the visual aspect of your image. Use the elements where it shows importance with the idea. On the other hand, make your details small, aka play with the size of the features, the color which suits the background image color, and placement to see what works best according to one’s needs.
If you want to add additional text when creating an impactful image, there are various text tabs, colors, and different fonts on the left side of the screen. Canvas also provides to adds an overlay to pop your text part, which looks reasonable.


As you know, choosing one font is difficult. Never use too many fonts in the same image as it will block most of your image part, and your blog will look “messy”. Use complementary fonts as they will also add visual interest to your image. Canva has many preset fonts, which you can find in the text tab inside the panel. Please don’t use too complicated fonts as they can detract from your message.

Now download your image by clicking on the download button and choosing the default dot PNG file type. Upload those files to your WordPress site and make sure to optimize them.

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