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How to Get Google News Approval in 2021 ?

by Koustubh Verma

If you want to Let your Site in the Google News app, or Want Lots of free traffic, then you are at the right place. In this Article I’ll tell you a Place called Google News, from where you can Get Lots of free traffic. In this article, we will learn How to Get Google News Approval in 2021, so without Any further Introduction Let’s start our Article.

What is Google News ?

Google News is a Platform provided officially by Google From September 2002, the motive of this creation is to provide Users Latest Updates in Every sector, like Tech, Education, Health, etc. Currently Google News is having 1 Billion + Users in Its Official App in Google Play Store. Also It is having more then 5 Million downloads in Apple App Store. According to Google, this App Completely works on Algorithms, means their is No Ranking or Other tensions, if you have Consistent Users, then only your content is Shown to them.

When this App is Launched in 2oo2, google takes applications from Publishers, and then Manually approve them by their team. But in Latest Few years, google Now Says, that their is No Need of Any Approval. If you are Posting Consistent Content with Complete Uniqueness in your Site, then It Automatically Add your Website in Google News.

Some Years ago, their is a Way to Check that, your Site is Google News Approved or Now. It was the Site Tool, officially by Google. You Just Need to Follow these Steps to Check for your Site. :

  1. Open Google.
  2. Type site:yoursite.com
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Go to News Tab.
  5. If your Site is Showing their, it means you’re already google news approved.

But for Now, Google places Every Site in the News Tab, so we have to Change our way to Check that our Site is Google News Approved already or Not. The Other way to do it, is From Google Search Console, If you able to See Google News Icon in your Console then Congratulations, your Site is Completely Google News Approved.

What to do If you Found that Your Site is Google News Approved from the Above Methods ?

You Just, need to Go to Google News Publisher, and then Again add your Website, and It Immediately Gone Live. It means Google is Ready to Show your Site in Its App, you can Now can Much amount of Traffic if you work Hard.

Some Sites are Even Google News Approved But Still don’t Get Any Clicks, to Get Traffic from Google News, you have to Be Consistent and Trendy in your Site. Means you Should Publish At least 3-4 Unique and Grammar Checked Posts Per day in your site, also you should create Quality backlinks for your website. If you are Using any Tool, to Publish articles on your website, then also their is no chance of getting any Single amount of Traffic, Google Always Loves Quality Posts.

Also, Their are Some Specific Guideline which Google has designed, If you Follow them, then Only you Should Be Visible to their Millions and Billions of Traffic. We will Discuss them latter in this Article.

If you don’t find your Website Approved, then you have to Follow Our Complete Article, to Get Instant Google News Approval.

Before we proceed further, Let’s Clear Some Basic topics, so that You don’t Get troubled in Any Confusion Between Google News and Google Search, Google Discover.

How Google News is Different From Google Search ?

Google Search Works on the Algorithm of Page Rank System, means you have to follow certain criteria to Get a Rank in Search Results, when a Users Enters his or her query in the Google. Whereas the Google News is Totally different, It works on the User Algorithms, means Your article is only shown to the Targeted users in the News app, this helps you to get good traffic for free, without any specific hard work.

Google Now Started Google News Posts in the Search Results as well in the form of Top Stories, which you will See at the top of the Page. This Top Stories Section, is Not Google News, but it is Interlinked with Google News. When Sometimes a Most Trending thing happened then Google Usually this Top Stories Section at the Top of the Page.

Google Officially says that you just need to publish quality articles in your site at a consistent time, then These all things Automatically comes. But it is Not True as Much, you have to Apply for all these things also. If your Website having a Best Quality Content, but with Almost null traffic, then Google will Not Use your content in its news section.

And For a Beginner it is Hard to Get a Good amount of traffic in the Starting Journey of Blogging. Don’t worry, I will always here to help you in your entire blogging Journey. Before we drive into our Main topic, let’s cover one More topic that is, Google Discover and Google News are Same or Different ?

Is Google Discover and Google News is Same ?

For those who don’t know what is Google Discover, let me Give a Quick Intro About it. Google Discover is a Kind of Feed, that Google Shows in the Chrome Browser in the Mobile devices, These Contains Articles, Stories, Videos, Trending News, But all these are Based on the User Interest. For Example I Love Technology, then My Feed Is Completely Filled with Tech Related Articles, News, Videos, Stories, Etc.

Yes, we can say both Google News and Google Discover are Almost same, but For Both you have to Follow Different different criteria’s. In short Google Discover is the Enhanced version Of google News, as It Contains Many Information rather then a Article only.  They are Same in their Algorithms, not in their Requirements. If your Site is Google News Approved, then it does not mean at all that it Start coming in the Google Discover.

Their is No Google Discover Approval available officially by Google, but to Get your posts in it, your site must have Google Amount of Per Day Traffic with 100% Good Users Experience according to Report in the Google Search Console.

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How to Get Google News Approval in 2021 ?

For Getting Google News Approval Your Site Must be 2-3 Months Old, and Also you Should Post 2-3 or 3-4 Articles or More article per day in Your Site. The Article Should be 100% Unique.

If you have Covered these Following Points then Apply for Google News :-

  1. Domain Age Should Be 2-3 months Old.
  2. You Must have 50-60 Posts Published on your Site.
  3. Posts Length Should be Between 300 to 400 Words Max, as they are News Articles.
  4. Posts Should Only Contains 1 Heading in the Article, No more then 1 headings should be their.
  5. You Should Daily Post 3 Articles when Applied to Get Fastest Response.
  6. Articles should be 100% Unique, Not a Single Content with Tool is Allowed.

After Following these 6 Basic Points, Your Google News Id will be Definitely approved.

Now You Can Apply for Google News, and It is Approved also. If you Want to Know that How to Apply For Google News then Comment Down, I’ll Write a Complete Post on that Topic also.

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