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How to Recover Deleted Photos Form an SD Card?

by Koustubh Verma
How to Recover Deleted Photos Form an SD Card?

Which free SD card recovery program is the most effective? On this website, you can get information about the best 5 SD memory card software programs. These are all of the data recovery programs available to assist you in recovering data from SD card devices. In this Article i will tell you How to Recover Deleted Photos Form an SD Card, so let’s get started.

How to Recover Deleted Photos Form an SD Card – Best 5 Software’s To Do !

Recoverit Free Data Recovery

Recoverit Free Data Recovery is a dependable SD card recovery solution that provides you with a high degree of confidence in recovering your deleted or lost data. It facilitates the recovery of files that have been corrupted by viruses, power outages, unintentional deletion, or format. It doesn’t matter what caused the loss of data on your SD card; Recoverit Data Recovery is guaranteed to recover it for you.

You may use it to recover any form of data you could have lost. Additionally, if you need assistance recovering lost photographs from SD card free or recovering various other file kinds such as music, PDF files, video files, and other sorts of media, you may get assistance from our free SD card recovery programme.


  • It is capable of recovering practically any type of data.
  • The greater the likelihood of data recovery success.
  • Support for previewing a variety of files, including documents, films, and images, among others.
  • It has the ability to recover data from a crashed PC (need to upgrade).
  • The deep scan requires less scanning time than the shallow scan.


  • The free edition is limited to data recovery up to 100MB in size.


During the testing, we simulated the four data situations that we had previously discussed: All files and folders were deleted, as well as the recycle bin, using shift+delete, deep scan (to thoroughly scan the C drive), and rapid scan (to scan the large files). DiskDrill is unable to locate any data during the initial testing (quick scan).

When you choose deep scan, DiskDrill may search through a significantly larger number of files than the other options. When we look at the scanning findings, we notice that the file categories and names are a complete jumble.

It is not beneficial for users to be able to recover their lost data. However, the process of scanning is completed in a shorter amount of time. The Mac version of Disk Drill performs far better than the Windows version.


  • After doing a thorough scan, it was able to retrieve the majority of the deleted files.
  • The deep scan requires less scanning time than the shallow scan.


  • It is unable to locate any information with a cursory scan.
  • After the scan, it might be difficult to locate your retrieved data.
  • It scans fewer huge files with a rapid scan after emptying the recycle bin, resulting in a smaller file size.


SD card recovery software such as Recuva is available for free. On the SD card, we ran through each scenario. Recuva was able to recover every single one of the JPG photos. In our four tests, this SD card recovery programme performed admirably when it came to recovering various file formats.

The free version is more stable, but it has a restriction on the number of files that may be recovered. The professional edition of Recuva is available for purchase by users. It has the capability of supporting a virtual hard drive and performing automatic upgrades.


  • It was successful in recovering all of the JPG photos.
  • The most stable SD card recovery software to use.
  • Advanced file recovery is completely free.


  • The UI isn’t really fascinating or visually appealing.
  • Compared to the commercial versions, the free edition contains less features.
  • It is not compatible with operating systems other than those based on Microsoft Windows.

ICare Data Recovery

With the free iCare data recovery software, you can recover up to 2GB of data. In our testing, iCare SD card recovery was able to recover about ninety percent of the erased data from these four different types of data loss situations.

During the test, it takes longer to scan for and recover lost data, and it does not enable the recovery of JPG photographs, which is disappointing. Additionally, iCare is only compatible with Windows computers and is not available for Mac users.


  • This SD card recovery programme is really simple to operate.
  • It performed admirably in all data loss scenarios.


  • This software is only compatible with Windows users.
  • It has the slowest scan speed of all the options.

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PhotoRec Data Recovery

We put PhotoRec through its paces with the identical data loss situations. It is capable of retrieving any form of file. Essentially, what this utility does well is recover deleted files and folders from hard drives, solid state drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards or flash sticks.

Additionally, it is safe and dependable enough for corporate users, and it can be used with many sorts of computers and hard drives, including external hard drives. The scanning of deleted files in any data loss scenario has taken the most time throughout the testing.


  • The data recovery software is provided free of charge.
  • Support for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • It is capable of restoring any sorts of files with ease.


  • An introduction to the command-line interface might be tough for a newbie to comprehend.
  • Users will find this to be somewhat technical.

To summarise, the Recoverit Data Recovery programme offers all of the characteristics that we look for in a flawless SD data recovery software package. Computer users may now relax, knowing that the worry of data loss is no longer a concern, thanks to the exceptional data recovery capabilities of the Recoverit data recovery software.

It is the greatest SD card recovery programme, and we will propose it to you. If you want an SD card repair solution, you may also use the Recoverit SD card recovery programme or select the most appropriate one from the list of the top 5 free SD card recovery software listed above.

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