Soundcore R100 TWS Review, Specs, Price

Are you looking for a Best Battery Earbuds, in a very Budget friendly price, then these Soundcore R100 TWS is going the Perfect fit for you guys. In this page, you will see a detailed  Soundcore R100 TWS Review, before starting our Review, Let’s first see Some Specifications, and Price of Soundcore R100 TWS.

Soundcore R100 TWS Specifications

The Company has fitted many Advantages and Features in this TWS, they are Just Endless. Let’s see It’s Point wise Specifications.

  • Mic  – Available
  • Bluetooth Version – 5.0
  • Wireless Range – 10m
  • Battery Life – 25 Hrs
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Charging Time – 1.5 Hrs
  • Play Time – 6.5 Hrs

We Will See Remaining All Specifications At the End of Our Review, So let’s Know Soundcore R100 TWS Price in India.

Soundcore R100 TWS Price in India

The Soundcore R100 TWS Comes with 1,799 INR Price in India, they are Available in 2 Attractive Colours, that are Black and White. Also these Buds Comes with 18 Months Warranty From Company, in Case these are internally damages, then you have right to Exchange them Completely. Although R100 TWS comes with IPX5 Water Resistant Compatibility, so their is Negligible Chance of any Damage.

Soundcore R100 TWS Review

Before Starting our review, let me tell you, that we have divided our Review part in 4 Different Sections, which are Design, Sound Quality, Battery, and Long Term Uses.

  1. Design : Soundcore has really provided a very Attractive design in this TWS, Also this design is damage proof, which is Just Great Feature in this Buds. Soundcore R100 Basically Comes in 2 Different colours, that are Black, and White. While Wearing this Buds, you will always feel Premium Quality. If we Move more deep in the design part, then Its Body Comes with Polycarbonate Material, which is Good in these Budget Buds. You Might See Some Normal Scratches if you by mistake drop them down, so this may be a con of this TWS.
  2. Sound Quality : I Have checked its Sound, as My Friend has this Buds, The Quality of Sound is Good For Music Lovers, Running Lovers, But may not proves much great for Gamers. As these are Bass Boosted Buds, means only good for Music Lovers, in Gaming a Player needs to Listen and Define Both Sides sound, and I Have Played many games, and checked, these Buds Fails to Create a Differentiate.
  3. Battery : The Very awesome part of these Buds is Battery Only, even Soundcore has Marketed These Buds by Focusing its Battery. Company and Many Bid Authorities claims that This Buds Give a 25 Hrs Playback Time in a Single Charge. But Seriously, I have also Used these Buds, and Just Impressed, Unfortunately I Have Not able to discharge them, as My Friend only gives me this for 5 hrs. And Believe me, I have played them Continuously for 5 Hrs, and These work very Perfectly. Looking at the Technical Specifications, then Soundcore R100 TWS comes with a 500 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery, with a Type-C Charging Cable, which is Just Great in this Price Segment.
  4. Long Term Uses : May be these are Not for Long term uses, as My Friend just buyed these 8 Days ago, and these Buds, Covered with very Severe Scratches, So I Concluded, that Soundcore has not Provided a Good Material in this Buds, so this may not for Long terms purpose.

More Review : The Company Claims that this Buds takes, 1-1.5 Seconds to Pair with your Device, But I Have Tried It Practically, and Found, that they Pairs in Less then a Second, Wow Soundcore, I am Just Impressed Again. Seriously if you are a Music Lover, then Just buy it, It has Amazing Music Experience, and Also These Buds Properly Fits in your Complete Ear.

If you are Using this TWS for Business Purpose, means for Calling, etc. Then Also This going the perfect choice. The Company Claims that This Soundcore R100 TWS Gives, Very Clear Sound in Calling Point of View. Also The Company has Provided Instant Charging Support in Soundcore R100 TWS, which Means You Just Charge them 10 Minutes and You can Enjoy 1.5+ Hrs of Playback Time, which is Great Feature if you are in Business, and Your Life is Too Fast.

Everything has Some Good Things, as Well As Some Bad things, in Technology we Call them as Pros and Cons, Pros is the Good thing about Soundcore R100 TWS and Cons are the Bad Things about Soundcore TWS Earbuds, So Let’s Discuss them Also.

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Soundcore R100 TWS Pros :

  1. Design of these Earbuds is Just Awesome, Comes in 2 Colour Options.
  2. Battery Life is Just Unbelivable – Comes with 25 Hrs + Playback Time.
  3. It is Having 16 Ohms Impedance, which Boosts its Music Expericence.
  4. Comes with 18 Months Warranty From Company.
  5. Charging Time is Only 1.5 Hrs.

Soundcore R100 TWS Cons :

  1. Comes With Polycarbonate Body Material, which is Not Good.
  2. Sound Quality is Not Good For Gamers.
  3. Soundcore R100 TWS are Not for Long Term Use.
  4. In Some App’s Its Sound Quality Goes too Bad.
  5. When your phone Battery is Low, although Buds are Fully Charged, then Also Its Volume Decreases.

Detailed Specifications :

Model R100
Company Soundcore
Price in India 1,799 INR
Connictivity Bluetooth
Sound Driver 10 mm
Deep Bass Available
Waterproof Yes, IPV5 Rating
Controls Available Music, Call, On-Of, Reset
Impedance 16 Ohms
Bluetooth Range 10 Meters
Battery Type/mAh Lithium Polymer/500mAh
Playback Time 25 Hrs
Charging Time 1.5 Hrs

Conclusion :

So Now, let’s come to the Important part of Our Review about Its Conclusion, that you Should Buy this Buds or Not. So If you Haven’t readied Our Review and If you are a Gamer, then I Don’t  Recommended you to Buy these Buds.

But if you are a Music Lover, Or Needed to Buy a TWS for Gymming or Running Purpose, then mate Just Buy them, don’t miss this Great Deal, They are Having almost Every New Trendy Features. The company claims about the Soundcore R100 True Wireless Stereo TWS Earbuds, its battery lasts up to 25 hours. There are two modes in it. One is the normal mode and the other is the base mode. Being an entry level price, they do not come with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). So You may have to Face Surrounding Noise while Using this TWS.

What Feature You Like The Most in This Buds when This Come At Your Home, Just Comment Down.

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