5 Reasons to Not Buy iPhone 14 Plus

Tech Khulasha

Just 60Hz display

Unfortunately, the iPhone 14 Plus is stuck at 60Hz at a time most Android phones in this price range offer 120Hz refresh rates.


No telephoto zoom

if you want a more powerful zoom for the iPhone, you're better off with the iPone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max with 3x optical and 15x digital.


No SIM Trey

Apple has decided to ditch the SIM Card tray on the iPhone 14 series in favor of eSIM support.


iPhone 14 Plus outlook

The iPhone 14 Plus isn't a huge upgrade on paper versus the iPhone 13 series, but if you want a big screen for less than the iPhone 14 Pro


Same Camera Design

The iPhone 14 Lineup has the Same Camera Module Design as of iPhone 13 Lineup, although the Camera Quality is Improved in New Series.


No New Satellite Security Feature

The New Satellite Security Feature is Only available in USA, and Canada. So, if you are Indian, then It's useless for you.

Bonus Reason: For India